Posted: 24th November 2016
Author: CLP

Immortality…a real prospect.

holding hands

Immortality is something that everyone associates with wizardry and scientific fiction, but it appears that it could soon become a reality in everyday life. A recent case involving a 14 year old girl being cryogenically frozen has pushed the boundaries of prolonging life. The girl, unnamed, was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and felt that it was not the right time to die as she was so young. She had researched methods of resolving her situation and in order to be frozen she required the consent of both of her parents.  Understandably this caused mixed reactions from all parties involved and numerous human rights issues were raised.

The parental responsibility of both parents and the desires of the girl all had to be taken into account, but how do you decide who is right? The court ruled in favour of the child and the girl has now been cryogenically frozen on the basis that she will only be resuscitated when a cure is found for her cancer. Would you want to wake up in a world where you do not know anyone or your surroundings, but be healed of your illness and have the prospect of living a healthy life? Or would you rather live the rest of your days with the family and friends you love and enjoy what little time you have left? This case has opened up a new area of debate, which will be interesting to follow as more cases arise.

To learn more about the case please see the link below.