Posted: 21st April 2017
Author: CLP

Eye Can Talk!

holding hands

Eye Can Talk is a blog which is written by an 11 year old who is non-verbal due to his severe cerebral palsy but who has learned to communicate using an eye gaze system.

This section of the blog explains how Jonathon went from being ‘locked in’ to using eye gaze communication to write poetry and his own blog. Jonathan had one of his poems read out on Radio 2 on Easter Sunday This is inspiring for all of the families out there trying to battle the special education system to get access to new assistive communication technology for their children.

We are helping a number of families at the moment to seek specification and quantification of AACT (Assistive and Augmentative Communication Technology) in section F of their Education Health and Care Plans. For these children and young people, who are primarily non-verbal, technology such as eye gaze allows them not only to access education but to have a voice enabling them to communicate with the world and in doing so, fulfill their potential.

Jonathan’s blog and his progress demonstrates this so well but a lot of children with this level of disability do not have access to this technology as part of their education. To use AACT in school means not only having access to the appropriate equipment but also having staff who are trained and experienced in teaching young people how to use it and support them with this.

If you need advice in relation to your child’s physical and communication special educational needs and how to ensure they are receiving the appropriate educational provision contact Hannah Adams or Sarah Palmer in our Education Team.

Hannah Adams