Posted: 31st May 2019
Author: Kieran Baker

Department of Education publish latest statistics

The Department for Education has published the latest data about the number of children and young people with education health and care plans ( EHCPs). See here.

The headline states the number of EHCPs have increased from 11% since 2018. There is an incredible 13% increase in the number of plans issued in the 0-5 age group and less surprisingly an increase of 32% in the 20-25 age group. The 11-15 age group makes up 36% of the total number of children with EHCPs. A total of 354,000 ofchildren and young people have EHCPs.

With such an increase leading to more work for the the Local Authorities, a lower proportion of EHCP’s are issued within the statutory 20-week timescale. In 2018 60% of new EHCPs were issued within 20 weeks, down from 65% the previous year.

72,400 requests were made for assessment in 2018 and of those 25% were refused. However, here at The Children’s Legal Practice, we find that provided the right evidence accompanies the request for the assessment then usually the application is agreed by the Local Authority and this ultimately leads to an EHCP in place for the child or young person. Sometimes it is necessary to delay the request to ensure that the right evidence is in place to support the request but in the overall process this saves time.

If you require any advice around any of these issues do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.