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Posted: 26th October 2016
Author: Emily Bower

The Justice Committee has launched an inquiry into the implications of Brexit for the justice system

The Committee has welcomed written submissions from experts and any affected parties to enable it to present the Government with recommendations concerning the questions it will need to address in the eventual Brexit negotiation process

The Justice Committee recognises that “There is a significant body of EU law dealing with the handling of cross-border legal disputes, such as the ‘Brussels Regulations’ covering civil, commercial and family matters Post-Brexit, this EU legislation will not automatically apply to the UK (though much underlying international law will remain) Removing it would affect, for example, the jurisdiction of UK courts to deal with


Posted: 19th October 2016
Author: Kieran Baker
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Many parents whose children are subject to care proceedings in England and Wales have underlying issues which are the cause of intervention being necessary, whether this is misuse of substances, alcohol or a general inability to parent The President of the High Court’s Family Division, Sir James Munby, identified that one of the keys to solving the problem in rising numbers of care cases is to tackle the problem at its source He believes that in doing so, the likelihood of the same “repeat customers” within the Family Court arena will decrease

Sir James Munby refers to FDAC and PAUSE as possible solutions to the problem:

What is FDAC?

FDAC stands for Family Drug


Posted: 14th October 2016
Author: Emily Bower
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Last month, in his latest view from the President’s Chambers, Sir James Munby stated that we “face a clear and imminent crisis” Applications to CAFCASS for the last six months are 23% ahead of the corresponding period last year

The Figures

CAFCASS release statistics showing the number of care proceeding applications made by local authorities where CAFCASS has been appointed by the court to represent the interests of children, and statistics showing the number of cases where the court has asked CAFCASS to carry out work in private law cases These statistics are posted on the eighth working day of each month

The latest figures show:-

CAFCASS received a total of 1,216 care applications


Posted: 2nd September 2016
Author: Emily Bower
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Sir James Mumby, President of the Family Division has shared his latest views in relation to the continued increase in the number of care cases and how the Family Courts will manage this without any increase in resources (judicial or otherwise)

He states that: “we must continue to look for new, innovative and better ways of handling these cases, while never departing from the fundamentals, namely that:

  • Care cases, with their potential for life‐long separation between children and their parents, are of unique gravity and importance;
  • It is for the local authority to establish its case;
  • Common‐law principles of fairness and justice demand, as do Articles 6 and 8 of the Convention, a


Posted: 24th August 2016
Author: Emily Bower

Kieran and I attended the presentation on ClickShare at Portsmouth Family Court on the afternoon of 28th July 2016

ClickShare allows evidence held on any digital device to be presented in court via a plug and play system or through the free ClickShare App on a mobile/tablet device This means that pink tape and carrying a large number of bundles to court may well become a thing of the past if the new digital system proves that ebundles are as efficient and user friendly as the system makes it look

One of the main advantages to having an ebundle is that with a single click everyone in the courtroom including the Judge and the witness


Posted: 22nd August 2016
Author: CLP
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The Children’s Legal Practice Ltd would like to welcome you to our new website and our new blog which will be updated on a regular basis to keep our visitors up to date with the latest news, to include changes in the law from the legal world in matters concerning Education Law, in particular appeals to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal and Private/Public Law and Practice

We hope that all of our visitors like our new website and find all of the information they need

We have also launched our new Facebook page to complement our new website and to provide a further avenue of correspondence for our existing and potential new clients